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Storing a FileMaker Database Locally

Question asked by TedN on Jun 3, 2011
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Storing a FileMaker Database Locally


I need to add data to a form in FileMaker Go on my iPad when I am in a location without WiFi or 3G coverage.

In the tutorial "Getting Started With FileMaker Go" it talks about using iTunes to transfer a file to a mobile device and again using iTunes to save a file back to the PC.

So I'm trying to get it clear in my mind how I would go about achieving the following.

A large company has its own database. It wants data to be collected in the field and uploaded to the company database.

My solution is to install FileMaker Server at the head office with a connection to the company database.

The field staff would download form(s) from the FileMaker Server to their PCs in the field offices and then transfer the forms to their iPads using iTunes.

Data could be added to the iPad form at remote locations where there is no WiFi or 3G coverage. The updated form could then be transferred back to the PC via iTunes when the staff return to the field office.

Finally, the updated form could be sent to the company database via the FileMaker Server.

Is the above doable using FileMaker Go and the iPad and are there any better ways of tackling it.