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Strange scrolling behavior

Question asked by VinceDolan on Nov 9, 2010
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Strange scrolling behavior



Strange scrolling behavior

This bug has plagued our solution for sometime and the cause was pretty tricky to nail down. If an iPad (haven't tried it with iPhone version, we have only deployed iPads) user is viewing a set of sorted records in list view with sub summary elements and another user preforms a replace command on any of these records (regardless of wether the replace is on any of the sort fields or break fields), the list will scroll up randomly. The focus (if the user has selected one) remains the same, but the screen has moved to a completely different portion of the list. We have several iPad users and 75 or so other users. I can't replicate this behavior, when the same layout is viewed in a Mac or Win 11 client. This behavior is at the least disorientating and at the worst (for a couple users) utterly maddening.

Vince Dolan