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Structural design - Synchronisation model - container storage

Question asked by on Dec 15, 2014
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Structural design - Synchronisation model - container storage



This post may be appropriate for the Pro, Go and/or Server forums. I want to access some guidance for planning a multiplatform server hosted solution with intermittent offline files (FM GO) which I plan to synchronise with the server when available. The solution will contain images in container fields which I plan to store external to the server hosted file (using the external storage options for the container fields). The mobile elements will be required to display a subset of the images even when offline.

Some Context - the completed solution is intended to manage  text data and images, files, pdfs relating to large numbers of animal species/individuals for research purposes. The mobile solution is intended for data entry of field collection of animals and would have a single image per species.

Clearly if my Go file is trying to display an externally located server hosted image whilst offline I am scheduled for disappointment. So I need a script or other process or design that will enable the Go file to extract and retain the image files and store them in the FM Go file.

Any thoughts and advice for planning this out would be appreciated,