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    Sudden new problem with Go (iPad and iPhone) over wireless to FMS 11



      Sudden new problem with Go (iPad and iPhone) over wireless to FMS 11


      Today FMGo on both the iPhone and iPad stopped being able to access files hosted by FMS 11 over two of our 3 wireless networks. One still works fine. I've spent all day trying everything I can think of, including things that may not make sense, to solve it.

      For both devices, the FMS 11 host can be seen when you click the icon that shows the Local Network Hosts but when you select it, "waiting for response..." displays for a while, then "(no files available)". On the one wireless network that works, you don't even see "waiting for response", the file list comes up virtually immediately.

      If a desktop computer running FMSA 11 is set to host a FM file local to it, that computer is also shown in the Local Network Hosts list, and when you select it, that file IS displayed. (This particular desktop machine is connected to the same ethernet switch as the FMSA server box, so it's not a different zone or anything.) So it seems that it's just the FMSA 11 files that can't be "seen" on these two wireless networks.

      A laptop computer running FMP 11 has no problem accessing the FMS11-hosted files via WiFi on the problematic wireless networks.

      The iPad and iPhone have other apps that access the Internet and our intranet, and those all sure seem to work properly.

      I made sure the wireless stations have well-spaced channels (1, 6, and 11).

      Two of the stations are AirPort Express version 7.4.2 (can do 802.11n) and one is version 6.3 (can only do b/g) because it's earlier hardware. All are up-to-date. The problematic ones are one each of the 7.4.2 and the 6.3, so it's not the hardware or software version.

      I tried deleting the FMGo off of the iPad by Xing it while it was wiggling, and then reinstalling it by reselecting it for inclusion, and re-syncing. That didn't solve the problem.

      I tried the iPad in the problem zone with the charger cord connected (in case it's related to that WiFi problem mentioned elsewhere) but that did not change anything.

      Swapping the "working" base station with one of the problem ones moved the physical location of the working WiFi, that is, the station continued to work in its new location, and the other one continued to misbehave in its new location. This kind-of eliminates a cable/switch issue.

      The base stations are configured as similarly as they could be, as far as I can tell. They only differ in the channel and their local IP address (as they should), and the earlier model for one, of course.

      I can't see anything in the FMS 11 configuration that would cause this.

      Something changed, but I don't know what. A variety of changes have been made around here recently, but I can't seem to blame any of them.



      P.S. Oh I forgot to mention that I reset and reconfigured the stations too. Even the working one.


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          This morning I've stumbled on a solution, but not really an explanation. By "forgetting" the WiFi station on both the iPhone and iPad and re-passwording, but but allowing them to operate under DHCP (instead of setting their usual static IPAs) for one access of the FMS 11 machine (which does return the list of hosted files) using FMGo, then setting the static IPs for the remembered wireless connection, both devices now can both see and get the list of hosted files from the FMS machine. And also work normally with the files. Before, I'd "forgotten" and recreated the wireless connections multiple times, but always set the static IP right away, trying to recreated the prior normal (and working) setup, but not actually doing any FMGo accessing in DHCP mode before setting the static IP of the iPhone or iPad

          I haven't tried this procedure in the area of the remaining problematic base station, I wanted to report this, to narrow the speculation about the problem. I'll try that in a couple of hours.

          It seems there may be some sort of access-location information caching, and a disparity between how FMS servers are located vs. how the file list is fetched. Doing the DHCP-then-static access seems to have fixed the caching. I think the desktop-hosting test worked because that was a new host, never accessed until after the problem cropped up. I have no idea if this is at the FMGo level or if it's an iOS-level "hosts" list sort of thing.


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            Fixing the last station: I verified that the problem did indeed still exist, then did the procedure described above, which did fix it. I then checked that this hadn't caused problems in the other two WiFi areas, and it had not. Then I swapped back the two stations that I had swapped before. All is still good.


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              Just curious - sounds like the DHCP sub mask or allowed range within the sub mask has changed on the routers that these "problem" machines were connecting through.  Are these machines connecting via the same routers as other machines that are working perfectly?

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                The DHCP range is .2 thru .17

                The only "router" we have is that function in our DSL modem. Except for guest machines, all machines here have a manually set IP address on the LAN. Each unique of course. The subnet mask for the whole thing is

                Beyond that, we just have hardware switches to distribute the ethernet to the 3 buildings. I've added a napkin sketch to the original posting above so you can see the topology. The problematic wireless stations were the ones near the bottom of the sketch, not the "(LAB)" one.

                Note that the problem was not that the FMS host could not be seen by the iPhone and iPad, but that the file list from it would not come up. Also note that the "test host" (my desktop with FMPA) is connected to the same 1GB switch as the normal FMS host, but its files could be seen. As I suggested before, maybe that has to do with the fact that I set it as a host AFTER the problem cropped up.

                Does this suggest anything?


                P.S. To correct my sketch: the switches should be labeled 100Mb and 1Gb rather than 100MB and 1GB.