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Super Secret Technque Uncovered!

Question asked by disabled_JackRodgers on Aug 11, 2012
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Super Secret Technque Uncovered!


Here's a 'secret' that might help in many cases...

Use a Blank page. You can create a layout named Blank tablename and delete all of the fields. It helps, I assume, to use the basic layout in 12.

Filemaker has been hiding many layout choice by using a selection dialog designed for a cell phone instead of a modern computer so you can also use the down arrow (what a waste of time, huh) to locate the Blank layout option.

I've found using an empty layout has saved a lot of time in various script steps, especially ones with related fields but the file is not available.

Other times instead of using a Form field with tons of portals to loop through records, the blank layout zips right through while I can still use some functions such as GTTR as the table is related to this table, not the layout.

Ocassional some oddball feature will provoke a bug with this idea, but very seldom.

If you have been using Form layouts with a dozen portals on them or table layouts with 95 fields on them to loop through records, I think you will find this speeds up that script a bit...  

And when you step through layouts to do stuff, using the blank layout for each table can save the redraw time, etc.

Warning: I am cross posting this in the Pro forum so don't chastise me for this...  :)