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    Support Costs



      Support Costs


           Hi All

           I was wondering how much I should charge a client for annual support.

           I was thinking of basing the cost on the number of users and the one server license.

           Has anyone got any ideas for me?

           Kind Regards


           Lee x

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               There are several items to consider when determine what you are going to charge.  This is a few items to consider.  I would try to check out the competition.   This is a list of questions to ask yourself.  I don’t need the answers.

          1.            Is your application specialized for a certain industry?
          3.           What will type call will you take?   Computer will not boot,  Word document will not print, calls about filemaker, calls about filemaker server or and calls just about your application?
          5.           Some companies charge an annual fee plus a per minute fee, because of the random calls made to their support line. 
          7.           How long are most support calls?
          9.           What is your competition charging for their support.
          11.           How long has your application been out.   Newer software has more bugs, but at the same time an application that been around awhile is more stable.  It’s a numbers game you, overcharge you will not have happy clients, undercharge and you will not be making any money.
          13.           Some companies reduce the price of their application to make it up in the support charges.   For example : Applications in one market sells for $1000.00.  You charge $800.00 to get the new client and add $200.00 to your annual support to make up the differences.
          15.           Most companies do charge per machine.  The amount will be based on what you are going to cover when a client places a call.
          17.           Where are you located?  A company in California charge may be 10 times higher than a company in Mississippi.
          19.           How much cost do you have in everything?  Number of Employees, Phone lines, in house computers and so on.
          21.           Are you going to support iPhone, iPad, Macs, PCs ?