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    support file asks for log in



      support file asks for log in


      IPAD - FMGO - Version latest

      We have an ordering system -

      File A is an orderng system. -
      File B stores customer sales history and is typically closed so the customer doesn't see it ... it's a very simple file

      A script in File A sets a global in File B to do a find for the customer records in File B - then imports those records into File A - ... All is good -

      What is making crazy is often on the first time we make this request for the day for a customer's history  - a log in box comes up for File B - and no matter what we try (admin etc) - we just can't log into file B -

      if we close the app and reopen it ... that script runs without the log in dialog for file b

      We don't even want to see this box ... We have file be set for auto log in Admin , We have added the fmrestorelogin to extended privliges -

      Essentially file b is wide open and should NOT see a log in box .

      I don't think the script from File A is causing this - ... We have recovered file B - but even after yesterday's update we still have this problem - ... Should we send you file B ?