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    Suppressing Menus in FM GO



      Suppressing Menus in FM GO


       Every time I click on a dropdown list in GO the Editing Menu pops up - Copy, Cut, etc.  I couldn't find an overall "Suppress Editing Menu" command, so I've created a Custom Menu without Copy, Cut and Delete.  Does anyone know how to get rid of Suggest and Define from this menu?

       Also, if there's a way to suppress the Keyboard from the beginning, other than when I commit the record, I'd like that too.

      All I want is the dropdown list to appear. 

      Thank you!


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          I can't get my app to duplicate the "Suggest...Define" Menu.  I have an ipad 3 and Verision 12.0.4 Go.   As for the keyboard, I believe I read somewhere on this website that FileMaker can not currently hide / disable the  Keyboard.  I have a Bluetooth Keyboard cover and when I turn on  the bluetooth keyboard the other keyboard disappears.   My test app was created with Filemaker Pro 12 Advance.   

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            There are two 'popup' menu choices, one with uses an editable field and one which does not. I think the name is list vs popup. I don't have time to check this out for an exact post, but if you test with option one vs option two in the Inspector, data tab and field options dialog you might have an answer.

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               Yes.  Choosing a pop-up menu vs a dropdown list did the trick.  Also, as far as keyboard suppression, using a Script with Commit Records/Request after I modify the field gets rid of the keyboard and the aggravating toolbar that bounces up.

              Thank you!