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Sync FilemakerGo file to remote Filemaker Pro server/client

Question asked by InnovaSpaInnovaSpa on Apr 8, 2015
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Sync FilemakerGo file to remote Filemaker Pro server/client



I'm looking for a solution to sync a filemaker file hosted on an iPad to my remote Filemaker Pro server/client, reading some post and solution but not applicable to my case.


This is my Scenario:

After editing a file hosted on my iPad using FMGo, how I can sync/upload it for open with the remote Filemaker Pro server/client ? My collegue need to read my update on this file and I don't want to send an email attach with my filemaker file. I need a bidirectional sync.

I do some test.

The FMGo app save my file only on my iPad and I can't move it/saving into a Dropbox or QfileHD app, for open it directly to our remote office with a filemaker client pc or a filemaker pro server.

For example editing an excel file on my iPad using DocsToGo, after I can choose to save it in my Dropbox app, or into Qfile HD app. After this saving, the apps sync the remote directory, hosted into my collegues pc and they can see my update on the original excel file hosted in my iPad.

There is a way to do the same process with filemaker file?

we have filemaker pro 12 and 13

thank in advance