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Sync local and remote on GO ignores found set

Question asked by ezz on May 8, 2012
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Sync local and remote on GO ignores found set


I have been testing sync via import matching + add and in both directions it always imports all records instead of respecting the prepared found set on either side in the source. Anybody know why this happens? The only hint I can find is something to do with the path references not being the same? I am testing with:


Go Import is: fmnet:/ip/filename (local file opened on IOS and script run)

Master Import is a variable: file:/iosdocpath/filename (master file opended remotely from IOS and script run)


Basically all as per the help files and samples but this results in all records being imported every time. I have made sure a perfom find is done before importing to only show 1 record of many and this remains intact when you go back and open the source after an import but still it ignored the found set and imported the many records. Both ways this is happening.