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Sync loses audio file container field link

Question asked by coolbaldguy on May 27, 2012
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Sync loses audio file container field link


Created a song list / lyrics finder, single database file in FMP12 for iPad, to use with my band. Amazed at how great everything ended up looking and working. But when we learned new songs and I added them to the DB in FMP12, the container field, set up to play the song in the main song layout, can't be found after I did a sync to my iPad.  I moved the music I need to the iPad and directed each song to play from the iPad. Re-linking every song everytime I sync seems like a waste of a very good thing. There must be something that can be done to avoid such hassles from an app that, upto now, seems to have thought of everything. (even though a script button that could make ice would be nice on the next upgrade)

Any Filemaker Pro Pros out there that can help I would really appreciate.