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Syncing between two devices without hosting?

Question asked by BenFrostad on Dec 10, 2014
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Syncing between two devices without hosting?



I apologize if I am repeating something asked elsewhere. I am very new to FileMaker and the forums, but from my searching so far I have been able to find answers to almost all my questions except this.
My partner and I run a field service business. We are looking to create a solution to run on two iPhones that handles invoicing, client management, etc. on the go. We want to be able to deal with invoices at the client's house. The biggest issue we are still wondering about is if there is any way to sync between our two phones without hosting our solution using FileMaker Server. The following are some of the complications:
1. Our work often requires us to be outside of reliable internet service areas, which means working solely from a hosted solution (either through a network or FM Server) is not an option; we will have to some work offline and then sync.
2. Our personal laptops (Windows) will be used to create the solution, but that's about it. Almost all our data entry and use will be on our phones. In other words, we don't have a dedicated computer that can host our solution on a network all day long.
3. Personally, I think FM Server is way beyond our needs and also a bit beyond our budget.
Are there any options for syncing files directly between two phones without going through a hosted file? (Don't worry, I've read enough to know that Dropbox is not our solution!)