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    Syncing Filemaker Pro with Go



      Syncing Filemaker Pro with Go


           Hi Guys

           I've been a Bento user for the past year using bento in my business to track my customers and customer transactions and expenses, I've found it very easy to use and set up although a little limiting.  Due to Bento no longer being supported I'm looking to migrate to filemaker pro, I've been playing with it for nearly a month and am gradually getting it all sorted.

           I'd like a definitive answer on syncing though before I part with any cash.  Is it possible to write scripts so that Filemaker Pro (not server) will sync with filemaker go.  So I have a copy of the database on both Pro and Go, I do my work updating the database on my phone as I work and when I return back to the office I can perform a sync on both copies of the database the one on the phone and the one on the computer.  The phone will often have a poor or no data connection so the sync will have to be performed back in the office.

           So I guess my main questions are,

           Will it sync?

           How? With wifi or cable. I don't really want to buy a third party package for hundreds of pounds if it's possible to write a script.

           Can any one point me in the right direction of tutorials on this subject and portions of script ect?

           Thanks for your help,


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               Filemaker Go does not sync with filemaker pro.  Filemaker Pro can host your databases and you can access the database from Filemaker Go.  You would not put the database on your device for sharing.  If you put a copy which would be required if you had no internet connection they you would have to export your data off of the device and import into filemaker or use a 3rd party app such the one from seedcode.  There is a free version you can download and test.  Maybe all you need.




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                 Ah that's ashame, the gosync app seems pretty expensive although I appreciate a lot of work has probably gone into it.  So your saying I would need to copy the database to and from my phone every time I left the office?

                 Does anyone know if syncing will become a native function in a future version like it is in Bento, I understand that FMP is a far superior product in every other respect?


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                   If you don't have a good internet connection, you would have to copy the databases to your phone.  If you made changes on your phone you would have to import those records into filemaker pro, and then for any updates made on pro, you would have to copy the database back to your phone.    Go works better if you have a internet / network connection and then the database is hosted on a computer. (It doesn't have to be hosted on filemaker server)

                   Filemaker is not known for releasing information about future updates / new features. 

                   You can make feature request at


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                     Can the filemaker pro non server edition host a file over cellular data or does it need to be on wifi?  If go was using a hosted file and suddenly connection dropped does go store the database on the phone or do you have to wait until the connection picks up?


                     I've come up with the idea of having the phone as the master copy and then emailing the database back to the computer for reports at the end of each day.  95% of data input is done on the phone anyway and the remaining 5% could be switched over to it, which would relegate the office Mac to churning out reports and managing Layouts occasionally. Would this be feasible?


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                       Filemaker Pro can host the file.  The data would not be stored on the phone, because the database and all data is on the computer hosting the database.   You would not have the master on the phone because the phone doesn't have the databases on it, the server does.  The phone would be too slow to host a database and Go does not have all the functions as Filemaker.


                       You can have a database on your phone, but it would be standalone. (No sharing)

                       You can email the databases or use iTunes, either method you perfer, to retrieve the databases off your phone.

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                         Thanks for your help

                         It look like I'll keep the database on the phone and then copy it back each evening to the computer.  I've not seen any features that I would need to use that don't work on the phone.


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                           We use GoZync with 250 iPads and FM server... It is working flawlessly...