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    Syncing FM GO and FM Pro databases



      Syncing FM GO and FM Pro databases


      Is there a way to sync filemaker databases on Filemaker GO phone ap?

      I know that you can basically recopy the file on iTunes and do it that way, but I am hoping they have come up with a way to sync the files that are on the iphone remotely.

      I am not referring to the wifi link to your desktop / laptop. I am referring to having a file on the iphone, then making changes to it without a wifi or 3g connection, and then syncing with the main file on the desktop when you get back home.

      Can you do this with Filemaker GO?

      Any help here would be greatly appreciated.

      I have FMPro Advanced 10.0 v3

      OS - Windows Vista

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          Thank you for your post.

          Think of FileMaker Go as FileMaker Pro on another machine.  That is, if you want to update a file from another machine, you would need to write a script that would compare the two files and make changes, probably based on a Modification Date.  The same would hold true for the FileMaker Go file, since it is a FileMaker Pro database file.  When you move it over to your Windows machine, you would need a script to compare the data and make the appropriate changes.

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