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Syncing Questions (Go vs IWP)

Question asked by MorkAfur on Jun 13, 2012
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Syncing Questions (Go vs IWP)


We're evaluating a project and trying to decide between using "Go" (preferred since it's so cool looking and doesn't require a server connection) or Sharing via IWP.

The problem we see using Go is that with multiple users in the field, synching the database updates would, as I understand it, become a major nightmare. There seem to be solutions like the 360 sync solution, but that's still $1,000+ for a basic deploymnet of a few iPads.

I also understand that there's some type of sync guide coming soon from the FMP folks.

So, my basic question at this point is Go vs. IWP?

It seems with IWP you would need to always have 3G connectivity (can't be guaranteed by field service personnel) or with Go you'd need to sync the database from multiple users (also not ideal).

Am I missing something? At this point, I'm really trying to confirm that I'm not missing something simple and obvious.

It seems like the best I can achieve is about a 90% solution with serious design compromises choosing either Go or IWP.

I can't find any documentation on the FMP site that descrbes these obvious use-cases of these two alternative approaches.

Look forward to any suggestions.