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    Take photo button?



      Take photo button?


      As far as I know you can not go directly to the camera with Filemaker Go, it always goes through the import menu that is brought up when you click a container.  Is there a way to setup a script that can access the import menu you get when you click a container?  I want to setup a portal to display multiple pictures and have figured out how to do that.  The problem is I want to be able to take more pictures and add to it but I do not want to have to click on the container in the other layout.  Is there a way to create a script for a button to do this?

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          See if a button's script with go to field [container field] will pop up the menu. You may need to specify the select option and you may need to use Go To Portal Row [Last] to put the focus on the container field in the correct portal row.

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            I don't think you can insert a photo in a container field on a portal row.

            You can use a button above the portal to grab the record id and go to the portal rows form layout and activate the camera there.

            I've found something like:

            go to form

            go to field activate and maybe a step more causes the dialog leading to the camera to open. 

            Sadly, Go does not recognize that we would like to just snap a photo and not have to do all the xxxxx....