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    Task Portals



      Task Portals



           I have set up a tab control with various tabs (dashboard,Contacts,Quotes,Invoices etc). I create the company under the company tab and then i can create the company contacts under the contacts tab which is part (or rather a second tab inside a tab control)of the company tab. Now although i will be on a particular contact record i can create a task for that contact under the company contacts task tab but i do have a main task tab that i want to show all tasks on the database and not just on that particular contact. Any help would be appreciated.





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               What you show is a layout open in FIleMaker Pro but you have asked the question in the forum for using FileMaker GO--which is used with iPhones, iPads and iPods.

               Will you be using this solution in FileMaker Go?

               If not, you may be better off asking the question in the FM Pro Form which get's a lot more traffic than this section.

               Whether you post there or continue here, please describe the tables and relationships that you have set up for this database.

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                 Hi again Phil, yes I put it into the wrong forum.  It was you who corrected my relationships between Company-Tasks-Company Contacts a couple of days ago.  Thanks for that.  I have been trying to get all tasks for all companys onto one portal under the main tab call tasks but when I go up and down through the records it just shows the tasks relating to the selected company. I will hopefully be using with iphone in the future but I have a long way to go before I get to that stage.  Should I be looking at a new occurance of the task table?



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                        It was you who corrected my relationships between Company-Tasks-Company Contacts a couple of days ago.

                   Well the number of comments that I have posted are approaching the 50,000 mark. Thus, the fact that I helped you previously is no guarantee that I will accurately remember the design details from that post.

                   If I recall the design details correctly, you will need a new occurrence for such a portal and it should use the X operator  instead of = so that from any given record in your layout, it will match to all records in the Tasks table.