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Text To Speech on iPad

Question asked by Sorbsbuster on Jan 27, 2013
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Text To Speech on iPad


     I have written a progam to help a friend who has MS, and cannot speak.  He uses it to type messages, build phrases, etc , and have them spoken for him.  It works perfectly on a laptop - the text-to-speech program is triggered when text is copied to the clipboard.

     I want to use the convenience of the iPad and its inbuilt text-to-speech functionality.  The problem is that it expects the user to highlight the text then select the option to 'Speak'.  That is a step too far for my friend - so my question is does anyone know a way to make the speech to automatically work without that extra confirmation step?

     I have tried using the 'Copy' script step (which works perfectly on a laptop), and I have tried 'Set Selection', and the text is selected with the shaded highlight and the handle-bars - but in fact even then the standard options of Copy, Speak, etc do not show up, so they can't even be selected.

     All ideas gratefully received.