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    the drop-down menu really is too small on the iPad!



      the drop-down menu really is too small on the iPad!


           I have tried to find any info on setting a better window size for the strange little window that pops up for lists or pop-up menus.


           I have a product list with 2800 part names, most are pretty long and look very similar at first glance. I have a very nice working solution that pleases me, but when I put the files onto the iPad, the drop-menu looks great, but to make a selection, that silly little window opens to the side! Scrolling the small list is harder than it should be since the actual field with it's down arrow is correctly sized.

           What am I missing? I understand that the iPad isn't a computer, but I guess it can't allow a resizing of the little side window? 


           Thanks for any tips!



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               The drop down is affected by the os of the device. The difference in os and screen size, it is best to design a layout for each device that your app will be running on.   I would suggest taking a look at some Go examples on the internet.   You may have to use a portal to get a more readable list.   Here is a couple links to get you started.






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                 I appreciate the info, but using a portal is not directly solving the situation I'm trying to describe. In fact the info included on the "Designing interfaces..." page suggests this:  "Field font - Lucida Grande 18 pt, Field height - 25 px, Vertical spacing between fields – 31 px, Buttons – 41 px tall"

                 I made a screen shot to show that, in fact, my field text is 24pt, but when I want a drop-down list (remember, I have 2800 items!), the list is offset, and quite small, the text is very much smaller than the suggested size for field text; it sure defies the design tips for the interface!

                 I have "solved" the problem by having my product layout holding only one item, but displaying as a list view. With some discovered script steps to select, commit, and such, I have avoided the annoying iPad menu, now we just have to scroll through a long list. Yhe red button copies the lineInfo and then opens a main file to paste the info into a record in a portal, getting me past the need for a drop=down list in the portal.


                 Not as elegant as the desktop version, but it works for me.