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    Time-restricted application on iPad?



      Time-restricted application on iPad?


           Good afternoon,

           I would like to distribute an iPad FM GO application that expires at a certain date. Has anyone code at hand that supports this and at least go some "intelligence" built in that helps dealing with the obvious cheating, such as moving the clock backwards, ...?

           If it works, I was thinking of switching to FM 13 to enable encryption of the data as the data is the stuff I actually want to protect.

           Thanks for your help,

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               One way you could go about doing this is in your startup Script put something like this:

               If[Get ( CurrentTime )  ≤ "8:00:00 AM"]

               run your startup strip....


               Exit Application

               End If


               If you want to specify an actual date too use the Get (currenttimestamp)


               (Don't lock yourself out..  Create a way for you to get in in case you need too..)

               for instance..

               Else if(Get(Username) = "Admin"


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                 Instead of checking the date--though setting the clock back isn't really practical a lot of the time and can cause a lot of issues with your device, you can set your script to update a counter in a field to count the number of times the file is opened and refuse to open after opening it a specific number of times.