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Transferring Container w/ MP3 when uploading to FMGO14

Question asked by TuxMacauley on May 26, 2015
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Transferring Container w/ MP3 when uploading to FMGO14


I have created a soundboard database for the announcer to use at my son's baseball games.  On my PC, I've imported about 250 sounds, songs and song clips (all mp3 files).   Problem occurs when I add the file to my IPAD via iTunes - using the add file feature in APPS.  The music files do not survive the upload.  The other container fields with pictures are fine - just the audio files are missing.

To make the file functional on the IPAD, I have to go into EACH record, click on the container field, find the music file in the appropriate playlist, and then upload the file. I do this 250 times and then I have a working database.  Would not be the end of the world if I never needed to make any changes.  I need to make changes often with new songs, new walk up music, small changes to the database.  Every time I make a change, i have to reload all 250+ mp3 files by hand. 

Part of me thinks that Apple is not allowing this because they want to make sure I am using legal files and only access music from the library on the device, but I also think I may be importing or saving the container field contents incorrectly.

I believe that the problem may be that I'm only importing a reference to the music file on my PC and when I upload the file to my iPAD, I'm breaking the reference.  (music files have different filepath on PC vs. IPAD).   I need help fixing one of two ways:

1.  How do I ensure that I'm importing the mp3/audio file itself, and not only a reference? (I've tried importing while choosing the File Type: Picture and Movie Files - I've unchecked the "import only a reference to each picture file", but i don't think that's relevant because it doesn't affect the outcome of my problem.  In addition, my files are not Pictures or Movies.)

2. If I knew the directory path structure from the FMGO14 file on my iPAD to where the music files are stored, I may be able to recreate the proper reference on the iPAD, but this would be a klugie fix..

Thoughts or solutions greatly appreciated.