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    Transferring Container w/ MP3 when uploading to FMGO14



      Transferring Container w/ MP3 when uploading to FMGO14


      I have created a soundboard database for the announcer to use at my son's baseball games.  On my PC, I've imported about 250 sounds, songs and song clips (all mp3 files).   Problem occurs when I add the file to my IPAD via iTunes - using the add file feature in APPS.  The music files do not survive the upload.  The other container fields with pictures are fine - just the audio files are missing.

      To make the file functional on the IPAD, I have to go into EACH record, click on the container field, find the music file in the appropriate playlist, and then upload the file. I do this 250 times and then I have a working database.  Would not be the end of the world if I never needed to make any changes.  I need to make changes often with new songs, new walk up music, small changes to the database.  Every time I make a change, i have to reload all 250+ mp3 files by hand. 

      Part of me thinks that Apple is not allowing this because they want to make sure I am using legal files and only access music from the library on the device, but I also think I may be importing or saving the container field contents incorrectly.

      I believe that the problem may be that I'm only importing a reference to the music file on my PC and when I upload the file to my iPAD, I'm breaking the reference.  (music files have different filepath on PC vs. IPAD).   I need help fixing one of two ways:

      1.  How do I ensure that I'm importing the mp3/audio file itself, and not only a reference? (I've tried importing while choosing the File Type: Picture and Movie Files - I've unchecked the "import only a reference to each picture file", but i don't think that's relevant because it doesn't affect the outcome of my problem.  In addition, my files are not Pictures or Movies.)

      2. If I knew the directory path structure from the FMGO14 file on my iPAD to where the music files are stored, I may be able to recreate the proper reference on the iPAD, but this would be a klugie fix..

      Thoughts or solutions greatly appreciated.



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          To tell if the container field is setup to store the file internal - Go to Manage Database, Click the Mp3 container field, click storage and make sure the store data external is unchecked. 

          I tested using dropbox with 4 mp3 songs.  It took little bit of time for the music to be transferred but it did transfer. It took a minute or two,  so it could take few for 250 songs to transfer.   You can get a free dropbox account that can be installed on your computer and your device, which is the easies way to transfer files between the two.  Just give it enough time to sync from your computer to dropbox before you attempt to copy to your ios device.   I would have my computer and ios device on the same network and will most likely be faster than iTunes using usb.

          Tested on iphone 6 using FMGo 14, and the test database was created in FMPA 14 - Using Dropbox


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            Stacy - thanks for the reply - I believe you are correct that this works when you are uploading one file at a time, but I can't get it to work when uploading a whole folder - multiple files - one into each record.  Thanks for the info about the container field storage settings - it was already unchecked in my case.  I was able to load one file at a time on the PC and get the file to be transferred to the iPad successfully:  with the audio files staying in the container field.  So for now, the solution works, but is very laborious because I have to load each file individually.  (My old way of doing it on the iPAD was not smart.  Now that I'm doing it on the PC, if I need to make any changes, I don't need to start from square one and re-import all the audio files to every record each time. 

            If anyone can help with loading an entire folder at the same time - and have the audio files be stored internally (not as a reference), please let me know.



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              FMGo does not allow folders, so you can not transfer a folder to FMGo.  You should be able to copy several files at a time to the document path by selecting all the files you want to transfer to your ios device.    There are two file locations within FMGo,  Document Path and a Temp Path.  Get(TemporaryPath) files are deleted automatically, Get(DocumentsPath) is the path used in Filemaker Go.   The Temp path is used when videos are played and can be used to store files just for the session.  http://help.filemaker.com/app/answers/detail/a_id/10246/related/1    (I assume music files work like video files.   

              The Store as reference will only work with hosted solutions, with the container data being stored on a server.