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Transferring file from iMac to iPad with iTunes: Problem

Question asked by JackShuler on Jun 23, 2014
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Transferring file from iMac to iPad with iTunes: Problem


     I have created a runtime solution and want to transfer my updates to FM Go with iTunes. I have tried to follow these instructions (To transfer files to your device using iTunes:

  1.           Connect your device to your computer.
  3.           In iTunes, select your iPod touch, iPhone, or iPad device, then click the Apps tab.
  5.           Below File Sharing, select FileMaker Go from the Apps list, then click Add. 
  7.           Select the files to transfer, then click Open

     but can't find where to click Open. This is from an answer id: 7754 from this site. Very confused at this point.


     The file is a Church Member Directory so members can have contact info with photos. 

     I have been able to use share on my wi-fi network just fine, but I would like to put the runtime on a Mac-Mini at my Church and let those who have IOS devices to update as needed. I'm testing it here before I try it a Church.


     Am I going about this all wrong? 

     Thanks for any help