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Trigger Traps

Question asked by disabled_JackRodgers on Apr 10, 2012
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Trigger Traps


Since there are discussions about slowness in list view I thought I might list a problem I created for myself. 

Using a layout trigger I selected one that did a lot of work and delayed the initial listing by just a bit. I applied to to on layout load. For some reason I then applied to on record load and my list speed disappeared. After a bit of debugging work, I realized what I had done. My monster trigger was just fine when the layout loaded but was a dog when each record loaded. So, removed the on record load trigger and everything returned to normal speed.

When I use a layout to create a new record or loop through a lot of records to update them, I freeze the window and use a table with no triggers and very few fields and none of them calculating if possible. AND NO TRIGGERS. This Table Lite speeds things up. When done I then go to a different layout or the original one.

Using a trigger-free table can also help with a find or a sort.