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    Trouble sending a database via email



      Trouble sending a database via email


           I created a form a while back for users to input data on an iPad which I planned to then send to the desktop computer for use in FileMaker Pro, but I'm running into a problem where when I try to email the form (via Menu > Save/Send > Database > Email) it tells me "Error: The file "?" could not be opened. (Not Found)"


           Anyone know what the problem is and how I can fix it? I really kind of need this data.

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               Henry Meadors:

               Thank you for your post.

               When you get to the Database screen, and before you tap "Email", what appears on the screen?  Under "Name", it should show the name of the database file followed by "Copy".  If this works, try first tapping "Save" and see if the file is saved.  If this works but "Email" does not, can you let me know if Mail is at least launching with a New Message?  Just to make sure, Mail is configured for the iPad?

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