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    Turn off zoom...????



      Turn off zoom...????


           Hello All,

           Can anyone tell me how to turn off the zoom feature in FM Go?  I created an iPad layout for my database with a button to advance through the data, but when I hit the button in rapid succession it zooms in on the page.  I don't want it to do this.


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               The FileMaker zoom is different that the iPad zoom..

               FileMaker - Set Zoom Level [Lock; 100%]  is the command to put in your script..

               The iPad home button is controlled by the iPad..  This is under General --Accessibility..



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                 The script step: Set Zoom Level [Lock, 100%]

                 would seem to do this for you. In FileMaker 13, when you add a new layout and specify a touch device layout, The OnLayoutEnter script trigger for the new layout is set up to perform this script for you. (Really wish we had an option to disable this as it tends to generate a bunch of identical scripts where we often either need one or already have one with more steps than this already set up...)

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                   Thanks guys.  Much appreciated.