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Unable to enter info...

Question asked by drmacintosh on Dec 12, 2014
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Unable to enter info...


Running iOS 8.1.2 along with FileMaker Go 11.0.2 on an iOS device.  After creating a New Record, I start entering my data into the different fields.  Once one field has data I click on Next and the data disappears.  I removed any Recently Opened files, shutdown FileMaker Go, quit any other apps running in the background before powering down the device.  Restarted the device after several seconds, tried again opening the database on the device and again created a New Record before entering info into the fields and the same thing happened mentioned above.  I then tried from another device and no luck there either.  The devices are 4th Generation iPad and 5th Generation iPod Touch.  What gives?  Any help appreciated.