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Updating a client database remotely - FP7

Question asked by Miles on Aug 23, 2010
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Updating a client database remotely - FP7


HI everyone,
I have a problem with viewing new customer profile data on networked PCs. We have a license to use FMPro v 7 on 3 PCs ( a host and 2 clients) and I have networked them all successfully.

We have two databases - one is known as a provider database, which is list of organisations and their particular services and contact information. The other is a caller questionnaire (CQ) database which we update daily as calls come in from potential customers. Both databases are located on the C:\ Drive of a PC which acts as the "host" PC.

At the start of each day we "connect" the caller questionnaire to the provider database by entering a provider code into a data field in the caller questionnaire. We then click on an "hourglass" icon which retrieves the code's associated data and populates a number of fields in the CQ.

On the host PC I can update the CQ without any problem. I can access the provider database from the other 2 networked PCs and can enter customer data into a number of fields in the CQ - BUT when I enter a provider code into the CQ from a client PC the data cannot be retrieved from the "server". Strangely if I go back to the host PC I can view the code in the CQ and then click on the hourglass icon which populates the CQ - this is then viewable fromthe client PCs.

Is there anything I can do to see the code and associated data in the client PCs and how can I be assured that the entered data is actually saved?

John Ivanac
TAFENSW Australia