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    Updating a client database remotely - FP7



      Updating a client database remotely - FP7


      HI everyone,
      I have a problem with viewing new customer profile data on networked PCs. We have a license to use FMPro v 7 on 3 PCs ( a host and 2 clients) and I have networked them all successfully.

      We have two databases - one is known as a provider database, which is list of organisations and their particular services and contact information. The other is a caller questionnaire (CQ) database which we update daily as calls come in from potential customers. Both databases are located on the C:\ Drive of a PC which acts as the "host" PC.

      At the start of each day we "connect" the caller questionnaire to the provider database by entering a provider code into a data field in the caller questionnaire. We then click on an "hourglass" icon which retrieves the code's associated data and populates a number of fields in the CQ.

      On the host PC I can update the CQ without any problem. I can access the provider database from the other 2 networked PCs and can enter customer data into a number of fields in the CQ - BUT when I enter a provider code into the CQ from a client PC the data cannot be retrieved from the "server". Strangely if I go back to the host PC I can view the code in the CQ and then click on the hourglass icon which populates the CQ - this is then viewable fromthe client PCs.

      Is there anything I can do to see the code and associated data in the client PCs and how can I be assured that the entered data is actually saved?

      John Ivanac
      TAFENSW Australia

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          Thank you for your post.

          Do both database files open when you first launch them?  Or, do you wait for the first database to call the second database?  Is there another "provider" database file on the local computer?  Are you launching the database file directly or from Open Remote?  Is there a reason why you don't have both database tables in one file?

          Any other information you can provide may be helpful.

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