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    Updating FileMaker GO files remotely



      Updating FileMaker GO files remotely


      Hi There,


      I need to find out if there is a way to update FM Go files automatically via the web or iTunes without FM Server. I have to find a way to remotely update the files on my users iPad's wihtout them knowing that it is happening. I have a number of consultants out on the road and they are going to be using FM Go to capture details on an order form. Now i need to find out how to update there files from head office without them having to worry about it. 


      Is there a way I can maybe sync there iTunes with iCloud and get the files updated that way? 



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          You can use a copy of Filemaker Pro set to share the file in question on its drive and the remote users can sync their files with that one. Takes a bit of work.

          You could script this to work after they save a record but usually an internet connection may be questionable and then waiting for the connectin is an issue.

          I've been working with this for a while and should mention that there is a commercial solution available that may seem a bit expensive called GoZync. They have produced a free single table file to whet your appetite.

          The best solution is to have Filemaker Server running so your remote people can connect directly...  Any sync solution will involve a local 'server'.

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            Thanx for this. I am going to mess aroud with FM Pro file sharing and see if I can get that working. I would love to get a server up and running but my client doesn't want to spend the money. Oh well hopefully by the time I need to send out updates to the file they might have changed there mind :) Here's hoping :) Thanx again for the info, and also thanx again for all the wodnerful info you have on your site. I have learnt a fair bit about FM from reading your site. Thanx again.