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    Updating SQL using FMGo 12



      Updating SQL using FMGo 12


      Hi there,

      I need to find out advice on the best way to update a SQL DB using FMGo 12. I developed a program to interact with a SQL DB and it all worked well, that was until I ran the program remotely on an iPad. I had the SQL DB in the relationship graph and setup the ODBC connection and on the initial tests from my Mac, the SQL DB was updating. Now when I try and update the SQL table remotely, whether on an iPad or Mac, it's not updating properly.

      I have uploaded the fmp12 file to FM Server 12 and got it working on the local LAN. So now the fmp12 file is on the server that is also hosting the SQL DB and I configured the ODBC connector to link to the now local SQL DB. Now I can see the file and run the file from the iPad, the only problem is that it seems the SQL DB is not updating properly. 

      Would it be better to rather run the fmp12 file directly from the iPad, and then have it sync back to the server when the button to process the SQL info is pressed, or would it be better to figure out if there is an issue with maybe the post script and keep it running on the server and access the file over the remote link. I do have to mention that I am not using the ExecuteSQL script, I am just updating the SQL table that I have linked to in the relationship graph. 

      Is there something that I am missing?

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               Nathan Veitch:

               Thank you for your post.

               On the server with FileMaker Server installed, make sure you have the correct ODBC driver to access the SQL database (Oracle?  MySQL?).  Since it was working with  your initial test on a Mac, take the driver from the Mac and put it on the server.  To verify, try accessing the data with FileMaker Pro from another machine.  Once you verified it is working with a FileMaker Pro guest machine, then try it from FileMaker Go.

               If you continue to run into difficulty, let me konw what drivers you are using to access the remote database.

               FileMaker, Inc.

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                 Hi TSGal,


                 Thanx for the help :) I think I am going to change my program a bit to run off the iPad and then when the client is back in the office, have FileMaker update the table that I use to update the SQL table. The one thought I had was, would I be able to update the SQL table that I am using in my relationship graph, or would I need to use the ExecuteSQL script step? 

                 The thought here is that if the table is updated with the correct values as SQL wants it, then when FileMaker is updated on the server it might update the SQL tables. I am still busy looking at other options for now. One other thought was, maybe export the records to excel or xml, and then email the completed form to the office and then the file could maybe used to update SQL that way. It might be a bit of a long work around, but seems like it could work. blush