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    Upgrade Blues...


      Upgrade Blues...


      During the past 24 years I have gone through a LOT of UPGRADES and swam through a lake of other people's tears after they upgraded. Mostly because we were in a hurry and just HAD to upgrade rather than act like responsible, consrvative people.

      So, I've put together a small summary on my blog http://wp.me/1AmGx of lessons learned, forgotten and in need of more ideas.

      Upgrades are often more involved than just downloading the software and opening files to convert... Hope some of the points help. 

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          I've concluded that Filemaker and ALL other applications should include both a warning and a button acknowledging the warning on a new version that problems may occur and that you should NOT immediately convert all of your business files to the latest version. Hmm, I think I posted something like this somewhere else 10 or 15 years ago.

          It's more difficult to get an account on Facebook or Twitter where you hand out your personal informatiion to the world and its bad guys than it is to download and install a beta version of software that will... I also have to tell my age on Crackle to watch some moview. I've taken to lying a lot just to be ornery.