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    Use Current Location to add an Address



      Use Current Location to add an Address


      I would like to fill in the Address, City, State and Zip fields in my application using a button that grabs the current location from the iPad / iPhone. Does anyone have a suggestion on how I might do that?

      Thank you, -tim- 

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          We all would but it isn't in this version.

          Instead you could find the client's address record and click a button to set that as the default location.

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             I think this is actually an issue beyond FMGo itself. In a web viewer window for Google Maps, it is possible to click the current location button and have the map jump to the current location (if you have allowed access to location information). There may even be some way to parse out the coarser location information (city, state/province and country), and possibly even street. None of these are natively supported in FMGo right now, and would almost certainly require reference to some external "translation" source to determine the text location elements from the long/lat numbers.However, even the GPS unit, or Apple's combined location services are not precise enough to determine a location such as "50 Main Street."
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              Here's someting to think about.

              Using the webviewer and GetLayoutObjectAttribute I could put the source code of the web page into a text field. OK, I just looked at the source code of a google map page and that is as far as I am going....

              Anyway, there is a possibility that a webviewer of a map might return the coordinates if you can dig them out of all of the code. If google can jump to your current location it has to be in the source code, I would think.