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    Using barcode scanning to open a turnstile



      Using barcode scanning to open a turnstile


      Hi there,

      I am developing a system for a client to open and close their turnstile using the barcoded cards they use. I have been able to scan the barcode into my FM system and get the barcode number. What i need to find out now is how do I tell the turnstile to open or not. The current system they use has the barcode reader send info to a SQL database and that database then tells the turnstile to open or not. How would I do that in FM? Would I have to use Send Event or could I use ExecuteSQL()? 

      I am also looking into replacing the barcode with a finger print reader but I haven't researched this option fully yet.


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          I've read post that there are plug-ins that has to be used to communicate with turnstile.   Plug-ins do not work in Filemaker Go, but you can have a plug-in designed for FMS and then send a command run script on server to perform the plug-in command.   You might try doing a Google search for Filemaker turnstile plug-ins.

          The ExecuteSQL is going to retrieve data from the SQL server to be placed in a field in FM, so I don't see this working.  You would need a live connecting to the SQL server. http://www.filemaker.com/support/technologies/odbc.html

          I don't think there would be any difference in using a barcode or a finger print scanner to open and close the turnstile, because after testing for barcode or finger print then a command would be sent by the plug-in.