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    Using Container Fields



      Using Container Fields



      I am considering buying FileMaker Go but I have a question:

      How are container views handled? Do the files inserted in the mac version appear there (when they are not stored as reference obviously) and open? For example if I store a pdf in a container view in FM for Mac and copy the database to the iphone, will I be able to open the pdf in the iphone by clicking it?



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          Gabriel Lanata:

          Thank you for your post.

          If you insert an image/PDF file into Container field (not as a reference), then the file is embedded in the database file.  When the file is transferred over to FileMaker Go (either shared or standalone), the image will appear.  If your PDF file is more than one page, then you'll need to insert it as a "File" (again,  not as a reference), and you can then open it in FileMaker Go.

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