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Using Filemaker as an Inventory/Stock

Question asked by remick80 on Apr 18, 2012
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Using Filemaker as an Inventory/Stock


Hey I'm new to this. Basically we need some sort of inventory system. There is 5 of us in the group, we have a large stick room full of different types of bottles/bags/filters that we use very often. The idea is for us to be able to go to the stockroom with an iPad and using either the barcode on the item or one we create we will scan the itmes that we are taking out or adding in. The problem is that if we do that, we would still have to come on to the inventory on our computer (Goggle doc or Excel) and edit out the itmes we took. So what we are looking for is if there is something that we can have on the iPad (like the app) that will link to a program on the computer so that when we scan things out it will either remove or add them from the inventory on the computer program. Also we would all need to be able to share the ccount on our iPads so essentially we all have the same inventory and if I scan things out then it is removed from the inventory on their iPad. I'm not sure if this is possible but I have read about programs for the computer that have scanners (we want to use the iPad), and I have found apps but they dont seem to link to a program where when we scan the items and choose to add or remove then it does the same action on the computer. Is it possible to have an App so the iPad can be used to scan things in and out while having it linked to a program on the computer?

Again sorry I am new tot his! Thank you!