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Using FileMaker GO in Portuguese iPad environment.

Question asked by ArtFeather on May 5, 2011


Using FileMaker GO in Portuguese iPad environment.


We intend to install FileMaker GO on several iPads that will be setup to use the local language, Portuguese.  Thus, the iPad will use a native iOS language other than currently supported by Go.  

Anybody know what happens with GO when it is installed in such an environment? (Go only supports five languages, currently.)

It is understood that some menus and such will not be in Portuguese.  However, what is not clear is 

1) Which language will GO default to for messages, such as those needed to connect to the database?  English?

2) Which keyboard will come up when input is needed?  The local keyboard (Portuguese, with all the right accented characters) or an English keyboard?

Thanks in advance for any help and advice.