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Using filemaker go with fmp11

Question asked by PaulRobert_1 on Aug 20, 2013
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Using filemaker go with fmp11


     I have a fp7 file created in fmp11 (i'm not sure why fmp11 is making fp7 files, but that can be the bonus question), and I would like to access that database on my iPad with fmgo. I have managed to get the file to show in the "Files on Device" listing on the iPad, though it is listed as "Other Documents". When I click on the fp7 file, I get the error message "Cannot open file. The file xxx.fp7 could not be opened. It must be converted to fmp12 using Filemaker Pro". Then I have the option of "Learn more" or "OK". When I click learn more, I get taken to a webpage? "Help converting .fp7 or .usr files", which tells me "Before you can open FMP11 or earlier files in FM Go you must convert them to .fmp12 format in FMP. For more informationabout converting files, see FMP Help." When I go to FMP Help, and enter "converting files" I don't really find anything helpful, but maybe I'm more stupid than I thought.

     It seems that I can't use FM Go without having FMP12. Is that correct? If there *is* a way to use FM Go with FMP11, please direct me to something that will help me do so.

     Thank you very kindly for your assistance.