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Using Global Fields With FMP Server and FMP Go

Question asked by productionQC on Jul 21, 2014
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Using Global Fields With FMP Server and FMP Go



     I have a database which has a table called field Tests. This table is shared by office staff and field staff using FM GO.  The problem is this.  The office staff changes the value of a Global field in Tests several times throughout the day.  The purpose of this global field to have its value captured anytime someone creates a new record in Tests.  We have created a script that will capture this amount to a variable and then populate it to a new non-global field.  This process works perfectly in the office, but the value of the global field seems not to be captured from FM Go.  It's as if the field testers using FM Go do not have the ability to see the value in the global field and their records, using the same script as in the office, will not capture a value.  How should we deal with this?


     Thank you