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Using Go and FM 12 Server

Question asked by NathanVeitch on Sep 19, 2012
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Using Go and FM 12 Server


     Hi There,

     I need to find out a quick bit of info. We have a client that is hesitant to get server for a number of reasons. We are trying to motivate it properly and there is one thing I need to find out before we put our motivation together.

     The worry that I have is that my client is using the program we developed for them on FileMaker Go and after a test run of the program we found out that the fmp12 file for one of the sites ended up being almost 300Mb for the one site. Now there are roughly 1000 sites and although a file per branch should average around 200Mb, it still means that at the end of the day, the total program could be a few TB big. The reason for this is that there are plenty of images that the user needs to take at each site. Now the logical thought would be to setup a Server and have the images stored on the server and not in the database. Then the users can run the program remotely and when they store the images, the images will then be stored on the server instead of their iPads. 

     While going over training material for my FM12 exam, I saw something somewhere that said you can use FM Go and remote into the server and use the file, only thing is if the connection is dropped then the user will lose access to the file. Also some of the sites that the users will be at don't have any access to Wi-Fi and the client is going to be purchasing iPad's with only Wi-Fi. So using 3G is not an option and with the sites that don't have Internet access, I was wondering how can I get my program to run on the iPad should they go with a server environment.

     Also would it be better to have the file running on the iPad like it is now, and then when they sync with the server, just have a script to run that will update the server copy. Anyway the 2 main worries that I have with remote is t

     1. If the user doesn't have Internet access how would they work on the remote file

     2. If they do have access and the connection drops, what happens to their file that they are working on.


     Thanks in advance