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    Using GO wireless



      Using GO wireless


           Before buying FM Pro, i would like to know :

           - can i use GO if my iPad is not link to any wifi ?

           - does my database must be absolutely opened on my computer to access my database on GO ?


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               Yes you can use Go without wifi, but you have to download it thru iTunes or Dropbox.  But it wont link automatically when you get back to the office.

               If you want to have changes on GO show up on your computer in real time, and your using peer to peer sharing, then yes, FM must be open on your computer, and you must be connected thru wifi or have cellular service.

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                 Ok, thx for the explication.

                 but this bring me to another question :

                 if i add or delete data on my offline iPad,

                 will i be able to "symchronize" the changes when i'm back on the wifi at the office?

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                   All this seems to be a réal pain ...

                   i use Bento with gréât satisfaction and ease..

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                     I never use either iTunes nor Dropbox nor iCloud... and don't want to.

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                       Ángel Eden:

                       Thank you for your post.

                       FileMaker Go does not have any sync options.  However, there are two third-party options I've seen mentioned on the forum:

                       GoZync by SeedCode:

                       360Works MirrorSync:

                       FileMaker, Inc.

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                         Filemaker is a more powerful product than Bento.  iCloud is used to backup your iPad / IPhone.  iTunes is simple to use with filemaker but does not sync your data in your databases.  You will have to script your own method  to import your data.  There are a few companies such as 360works and seedcode that makes sync plugin for filemaker.  Dropbox is not the only file sharing platform to allow you to share your file with your iOS device.  I use Sugarsync more than dropbox, because they have other features that I use.  

                         Filemaker Go is still a new product compared to Filemaker pro.  The first version was a paid version and currently Filemaker Go is free.  It's a great product, that does need some improvements. 

                         Here is a link to the Filemaker Developers Guide   http://www.filemaker.com/support/product/docs/filemaker-go/fmgo_development.pdf

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                           S Chamblee,

                           I've seen a number or statements that drop box can be used to move FileMaker files to and from an iOS device, but I see no way to make that work. I can use iTunes and the supplied powercord to copy files back and forth, but any FileMaker Files in my drop box folder don't appear when I try to use FM Go to find and open them--presumably because the files are not located in the correct directory for FM GO to be able to find and open them.

                           What am I missing or am I misunderstanding your post on the subject?

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                             You can use dropbox to move file from your computer to the device, but not from the device to the computer.  Open drop box on your iphone select the icon in the bottom right hand corner, then select Open in FileMaker Go.

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                               I forgot to mention that it does not over write the file.  It appends a # t(file 1.fmp12, file2.fmpp12) on the end.

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                                 Thanks, I had to play around a bit with the interface to find the right icon to tap, but that works. I see that copies the file to FM GO's directory, and I can delete the original before copying over the new version of the file to avoid getting the number appended to the file name.

                                 That nicely avoids the hassel of having to use a direct, wired connection to load new versions of a file that I am developing.

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                                   No problem PhilModJunk.  You have provided me with tons of information, by reading your post.  I'm still in your debt.


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                                     I also found is helpful to set up a peer to peer network with my desktop when I was designing my database layouts for the iPad so I can see the changes in real time, and avoid having the constant deleting/updating of files