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Using related tables to enter data

Question asked by TimothyNees on Jun 17, 2011
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Using related tables to enter data


Looking for an easier way to allow users to enter contact information (name, address, city, etc.). Currently in my database all 6000 or so of my contacts are in the Contact management starter solution,  I have made a relationship between this and my inspection database via company name and all other fields are auto entered once the user correctly inputs the company name, in FM Pro this is easy for the user (just start typing the company name and choose from the list that pops up).  The issue is when using FM GO you get stuck with the scroll wheel and no short cut to the A's or T's , and scrolling through 5,500 contacts to get to a company beginning with w is quite annoying. Is there a way to get the scroll wheel to go to a particular letter? Currrently if the user begins to type a name the scroll wheel disappears and if no exact match is found no autoenter is performed,  using next higher or lower value does not work either, it always chooses the wrong contact?  Any ideas would be appreciated.