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    Using stored (encrypted) passwords to automatically login?



      Using stored (encrypted) passwords to automatically login?


      Hi all,

      My solution stores an encrypted password for each employee.  This is used for card swipe logins (where the username + password are gathered from a relationship established by the card swipe) and a clever "masquerade as user" feature that I use sometimes (which is helpful so that I don't ever have to see an employee's password).

      Enter FileMaker Go, where a user will quite often be the sole user of their iPhone or iPad, and no one will ever login as someone else.  I've thought about enabling a user preference that allows for an automatic login on a matched device (probably using the MAC address), but that solution relies on a stored password, which is encrypted in my case, and essentially unavailable to FileMaker Go because of the plugin limitation.

      I don't really want to store unencrypted user passwords, so then I thought a good idea might be to distribute special opener files that would reside on the local iOS device that would store the username + password, enabling quick logging into the solution.

      Has anyone got any better ideas?  Best practices?