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Value list selections on iPad/FM Go layouts

Question asked by vision on Apr 22, 2012
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Value list selections on iPad/FM Go layouts


I am having a difficult time understanding how FMG handles value lists and field entry from lists


I have a text field that has a drop-down value list. We use this method, as opposed to a pop up menu, as end users often select a value from the list as a starting point, then type in the field to modify the text after selecting a value.  The "select contents of the field" option is not active.   Tapping into the field brings up the expected value list.  However, unlike in FMP, several things are different that inhibits the usefulness of the layout.

1. Any value already present in the field is automatically selected and the cut/copy/paste iOS bubble appears. I realize this is because FMG is still selecting the field contents as it does on FMP, despite the non-selection of "select field contents" in the FMP field format settings.  Anyway around this annoying habit?  No big deal in FMP but the iOS cut/copy/paste bubble is annoying.

2. Tapping a value in the value list pastes that value to the field as expected. But, the list stays up and active until you click out of the field (or tab order takes you to another field)  Unlike FMP where selection of a value from the list makes the list dissppear. Selecting the "Show arrow..." option in field formatting does not alter the drop down lists behavior in FMG. 

I work around this currently by eliminating all tab order except having 1 tab field that is a blank field in the middle of the layout with no value list.  This way selection of a value in a drop-down list field results in closure of the list. But there must be something I am missing?

Thanks in adbvance for any suggestions.