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      I been sitting at my desk for about 1 hours now trying figure out how to write what my problem is, with

      getting a script to import or more accurately sync data from my ipad to my desktop and my desktop to my ipad.  Yes from my other post someone gave me a script to use. It works but it does not work the way I need it to, it either duplicate records or delete changes.

      Why do I  have to write a script to get a update to work that everyone has ask for?  Is it that hard to add a button to the app that does what the update is suppose to do?  The PDF email update, a great feature but I had to come back to this forum ask someone if they had a script to use then figure out how to write the script correctly for it to work, instead of having a button that lets you just add your address and other information needed to get the records sent as a PDF.

      I am sure everyone on this forum used the request form to ask for certain updates they want for FMGO but instead of adding the buttons for the new features we have to figure out how to write scripts ourselves or come on the forum to ask for help.  Even the desktop version gives a one button click to get a PDF of a record just add a little info and there you go a PDF.  Why cant FilemakerGo be the same way.

      I am really sorry for venting like this but this should not be like this, if the developers are working to do the updates that people ask for why cant they just add a button to the app to use the new feature.  

      It is frustrating, I can get around filemaker pro but by no means am i a expert at it, and it makes it more frustrating when you are trying to learn to use Filemaker Pro, only to have new features added to the FMGO app that you have to figure out how to use.  Instead of a button and your done.

      Once again sorry for the vent but had to do it, if I had hair I would be pulling it out right about now.




          Thank you for your comments.

          As you have discovered, iOS is not the same as Mac OS.  This includes where files are stored.  Also, FileMaker Go does not sync.  You can access hosted files via Wi-Fi or 3G, or you can simply access files locally.  If you want to update another file, you'll have to write a script so that it imports the data.  In your other thread, I asked you for what you have tried so that I can help you better.  Here are some examples to hopefully get you started, and if you run into difficulty, let me know what parts you don't understand.

          For these examples, I'll refer to two database files, Source.fp7 and Destination.fp7.  Feel free to substitute your actual file names.

          Importing from a remote source into a local database

          1. Open both Source.fp7 and Destination.fp7 with FileMaker Pro.

          2. Select Destination.fp7 and write a script "Import from Remote" with the only the script step "Import Records".

          a. Check the option to "Perform without dialog".

          b. Check the option to "Specify data source" and enter:    fmnet:/<IP Address>/Source.fp7   (Be sure to enter the IP Address of your computer).

          c. Check the option to "Specify import order" and match up the fields, and then select the appropriate action to either "Add new records", "Update existing records in found set" or "Update matching records in found set".  Below that, if you had selected one of the latter two options, you can decide if you want to "Add remaining data as new records".

          3. Close Destination.fp7.

          4. Copy Destination.fp7 to FileMaker Go via iTunes.

          5. In FileMaker Go, open Destination.fp7 and run the script "Import from Remote".


          Importing from a local source into a remote database

          1. Copy Source.fp7 to FileMaker Go via iTunes.

          2. Open Destination.fp7 in FileMaker Pro.

          3. Write a script "Import to Remote" with two script steps.  The first script step being:

          Set Variable [ $FilePath ; Value: Get ( DocumentsPath ) ]

          4. The second script step being:

          Import Records [ No dialog ; "Source.fp7" ; Add: Mac Roman ]

          a. Like above, make sure to check the option "Perform without dialog".

          b. Check the option to "Specify data source" and enter:    file:/$FilePath/Source.fp7

          c. Like above, check the option to "Specify import order".  In my example, I selected the option to Add records.  Select what is appropriate for you.

          If you have not already specified the import order, the script has no way of knowing which fields to map to, since it can not resolve the variable in the script editing mode. One way to get around this limitation is to set the variable path followed by the relative path... for example in the Import File Reference dialog


          Once you complete one import the import mapping is retained as long as you have ‘last order’ set. There is no longer a need for the file:/Source.fp7 reference.

          5. After saving the script, switch to your mobile device, launch FileMaker Go, and access Destination.fp7 remotely.

          6. Run the script "Import to Remote".


          Let me know if you need clarification for any of the above steps.  If you encounter any difficulty, please be specific as this will allow me to help you better. 

          FileMaker, Inc.