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Very long layouts

Question asked by RonJennings on Oct 9, 2012
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Very long layouts & photos (thumbnails)



     As mentioned in previous questions I've asked, I'm very new to Filemaker development so forgive anything here that seems simplistic or ignorant and feel free to say "RTFM" provided you at least give me the approproate page/section to refer to!  ;)  

     We're converting several safety audits from paper to electronic.  The plan is to for the audits to be done on iPads using Filemaker Go.  The audits range from 30 questions to around 100 with a desire to take up to 6 photos for any question/item that fails (so yeah, there will be Questions X 6 container fields in the layput).  I'm working in FMP12 which has the handy layout aid that shows the screen size for iPads but needless to say there is no way to fit all the questions on the screen at the same time.  

     If by chance anyone is familier with the product iAuditor, that is what we have started them using and it has a purchaseable CSV export option that wraps the responses and any photos taken into a zip file.  While importing the CSV values could probably be scripted fairly nicely, scripting the photo import looks to be too much of a challenge for the project timeline (hence the decision to develop a Filemaker front-end/auditing tool).

     My first challenge/question is how do I modify a layout to accomidate the raw (verticle) length needed for all the questions and the associated container fields for the photos?

     Second, by default,  I would like the container fields to show thumbnails of the pics that are either taken with the camera in the iPad or dropped in from a picture that is on their desktop  The photos themselves should be embedded in the database, not linked/referenced to an external file.  But if they should click on a photo while looking at the database via FIlemaker Go or the Filemaker desktop client, it should show them the full size image.  Additionally, when they go to close the full size image, it would be great if they were given the option to Delete the photo or Keep it with the default being to Keep.

     Input/guidance on this?

     Thanks In Advance!