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    Very slow database on iPad



      Very slow database on iPad




      I just installed Filemaker Go for the iPad and the database is slow and the layouts are freezing and it's just not pleasing overall. There are radio buttons on some layouts, portals, fields from other tables, container fields, etc..

      Is there a way to fix this and is this a common problem? Any suggestions?


      Thanks in advance!

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          Anastasia Petukhova:

          Thank you for your post.

          The number of graphic elements (including background images) does affect FileMaker Go performance.  Also, iOS is generally slower than Mac OS X, expecially in screen redraw/refresh/rendering of images/etc.  Checkbox and Radio Button fields do take a little longer to update.

          Let me know if you need additional clarification.

          FileMaker, Inc.

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            First point, IOS is not as fast an operating system as OSX or Windows, especially on the latest computers. It is significantly slower and even the cleanest simplest layout may show some slowness. The more complex your layout, the more graphics, the more pictures...whew...

            Are you copying the database to Go and then running it and finding that it is slow or are you opening it remotely using a server or desktop copy of Filemaker Pro

            Is the copy of the Filemaker file you are opening

            • On your IOS device (fastest)
            • On a remote computer and you are sharing the file (slow, slower, and molasses)

            If the file is on your IOS device, then your layout and calculations and etc. can be the problem and you need to review your design. See above.

            If the file is remote and being run on a server or a copy of Filemaker Pro on a desktop or laptop then

            • Do you have users performing functions that eat up a lot of processor time and slow down the server
            • Is this connection a local wifi connection between the two
            • Over the internet to a remote website
              • Is the remote website your companies website
              • A shared host where 50 other people may be running their files or running functions that eat up a lot of processor time


            Most 'slowness' is caused by user design, not necessarily Filemaker Go's fault, or using a remote file.

            Note that a 3G connection is not as fast as a local wifi connection between two computers. 3G also pauses which causes database problems. Filemaker does not always work well with 2G and 3G connections, 4G is not to bad. The telcos drop your connection or pause it whenever they feel like it, watch a movie over 2G or 3G, and this can be a bit of a problem with Filemaker.