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Very slow text entry in text field

Question asked by stcav on Mar 12, 2013
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Very slow text entry in text field


     I am experiencing very slow text entry into text fields on my iPad. I thought it was a network issue at first but it also happens when I move the file to the iPad so it is operating locally.

     It's almost as though the screen is being refreshed every time a character is entered, so even typing slowly often gets every other character. The delay does not seem to be affected by the number of records, but it does seem to be confined to one layout.

     The rest of the application, buttons, scripts, etc. seem fine even with several windows open. 

     I'm going to start reviewing the layout in detail, but if anyone has any tips I'd be very grateful. Thanks.


     (BTW - FM12 Go on an iPad with plenty of memory, and FM12 Pro Advanced on an Intel Mac.)