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Video Loading/Playback issues

Question asked by jackien on Oct 24, 2013
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Video Loading/Playback issues


     I have a rather large database, with over 11k entries. I'd say a couple hudred of those entries have video files on them. They're small files only about 500KB. 


     I'm having some playback issues when I put the database onto an iPad.


     My boss is saying that the video's weren't found, and she had to restart the iPad to get the videos to work.

     I used a different iPad and loaded the same database on it, and had no problems playing the videos.


     What would cause this to happen? My boss can't keep restarting the database/iPad to get the videos to work.


     Edit: I don't have 'store reference' checked, or whatever it is, so that it only stores a reference and not the file. 

     I didn't have this problem a few days ago/at the beginning of the week.