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    Videos won't play in FMGo



      Videos won't play in FMGo


           I've set up a container field in which I want to capture video from the iPad. I have not selected "Store container data externally," so as I understand it the videos should be embedded. In the layout setup, I have formatted the container field for interactive content. Tapping in the container field on the iPad brings up the "Import" window, where I select "Camera" and then record the video. After shooting the video, I select "Use" and it goes throught the gyrations of importing from the camera. A movie icon is then displayed in the container field. When I tap the video icon, the "Actions" window comes up, and I select "Play" but the video will not load, and I get the "Opening Failure" error message, which reads:

           Failed to open "http://[IP address]:16000/Streaming/MainDB/FM-76D7D537-F53C-40B9-8BEE-93DCACFB02F7.mov"

           In addition, the video does not show up in FMPro.

           Does anyone have an answer for this?

           I'm using FMGo 12.0.7, FMServer, and FMPro 12..0v4


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               Thank you for your post.

               I am unable to replicate the issue.  Here are the steps I took:

               1. Using FileMaker Pro 12.0v4, I create a database file that contains a Text field and a Container field.  On the layout, I set the Container field for Interactive content.

               2. I add one record and enter "TSGal" into the Text field.

               3. I set the file to be shared.

               4. On my iPad 3, I launch FileMaker Go 12.0v7, and access the test file via the Wi-Fi network.

               5. I tap the Container field, tap Camera, change from camera to movie, tap the red record icon, and capture about 5-10 seconds of movie and tap the red record icon to stop recording.  I then tap "Use" in the bottom right corner, and the movie icon appears in the Container field showing "Video: 6/6/2013 8:29:33 AM.mov".

               6. I can tap the Movie file, tap Play, and the video plays.

               7. Switching back to the Mac, I can tap the play button to play the movie.


               Since this is not occurring for you, I am unable to determine if this is a database issue or application issue.  Therefore, create another database file on the Mac and follow the steps above.  If you are able to create a video in a new file, then you can focus on the database (layout, field, etc.).  If you still cannot create a video, then try rebooting the iPad, and if that still doesn't work, reinstall FileMaker Go.

               Keep me updated with any progress.

               FileMaker, Inc.

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                 Thanks for your reply. I did all as you suggested, except at step 3 (set file to be shared) I uploaded it to FMServer. With the new DB, the video uploads and I can play it on my Mac, but it still won't play on my iPad 3. Same thing holds for the other iPads being used. All getting the same error message shown in my orignal post. Any suggestions?


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                   Assuming everything else is working. check to see if you have other apps open. Close them and try again.


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                     Hello, I'm in the same problem.

                     In the iMac I can play the video, but in my iPad, the same BD show me this:

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                       I've tried all the suggestions posted and it still does not work. I'm at a loss. If it potentially is a network issue, I doubt our network techs would know what to do - they have no familiarity with FMServer.

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                         José Maria Aviles and jthulin:

                         Have you tried opening this movie file with a Browser?  Can you check to make sure port 16000 isn't blocked?  That is, are you able to login to Admin Console from http://<IP address of host>:16000

                         If you have XML enabled for the database, run the command:

                         http://<server>/fmi/xml/fmresultset.sml?-db=<database name>&-lay=<layout name>&-findany

                         The Container field should return an address that either looks like "/vmi/xml/cnt" or "http://<IP address>/Streaming/..."  If http is returned, try putting that in the browser.

                         Try enabling SSL and disable progressive download in the Admin Console.  This will keep the data interactive.

                         Continue to keep me updated with any changes.

                         FileMaker, Inc.

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                           Thanks. Enabling SSL did the trick. I should have thought of that earlier. Although the upload from and download to (for playback) the iPad is a little slow, it works well enough. Thanks again.

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                             I am having the same issue and have tried all of the suggestions here.  The only difference is my videos were loaded on a windows PC.  On a PC ... When my script runs it auto starts the video (within a container field) in a new window and plays with no issue.  However, the same script, layout and container field on the iPad does not work.  All I get is the container field with a icon for the movie file.  If I try to click on it, nothing happens.  Any suggestions?


                             FYI, the database is being served off of FM Server Advanced 12.0v3 with SSL enabled and progressive download disabled.  Movie files range from 5 - 100 MB.  Container field is set to External Storage.

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                               David Huebsch:

                               What type of movie file is it?  .mov?  .mp4?

                               If you create another Container field set for local storage, set it to be interactive, insert a short video, does it then display?

                               Any other information you can provide may be helpful.

                               FileMaker, Inc.

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                                 The movies are .m4v

                                 I was able to get the movies to play, but not automatically when loaded.  I did not want the iPad user to be able to edit the content, so I had unchecked browse in the inspector for the container field.  This also disabled the play function on the iPad.  That is unacceptable for my use.  I ended up making the iPad go to the video in a web viewer window, which works great, however the iPad will only play videos that are .mov this way.  I will have to convert all of my videos.


                                 If anyone has other suggestions to this issue that would be great!

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                                         I did not want the iPad user to be able to edit the content,

                                   Haven't tested this for a container field with a movie in it, but should work as far as I know:

                                   Define an additional field of type Calculation, select "Container" as the result type in the drop down. Enter the name of your original field as the sole calculation term used in this field. It now copies the contents of your original container field, but is not editable by the user. The user should then be able to play the movie in this calculation field, but will be unable to modify it.

                                   You may also be able to set up access control via Manage Security to prevent users from modifying the field.