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Videos won't play in FMGo

Question asked by jthulin on May 31, 2013
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Videos won't play in FMGo


     I've set up a container field in which I want to capture video from the iPad. I have not selected "Store container data externally," so as I understand it the videos should be embedded. In the layout setup, I have formatted the container field for interactive content. Tapping in the container field on the iPad brings up the "Import" window, where I select "Camera" and then record the video. After shooting the video, I select "Use" and it goes throught the gyrations of importing from the camera. A movie icon is then displayed in the container field. When I tap the video icon, the "Actions" window comes up, and I select "Play" but the video will not load, and I get the "Opening Failure" error message, which reads:

     Failed to open "http://[IP address]:16000/Streaming/MainDB/"

     In addition, the video does not show up in FMPro.

     Does anyone have an answer for this?

     I'm using FMGo 12.0.7, FMServer, and FMPro 12..0v4