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VPN on Demand, Dial-On-Demand API

Question asked by bwilks on Aug 10, 2012
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VPN on Demand, Dial-On-Demand API


Hi, We are using Filemaker Go 11 on ipad2 and would like to get VPN on demand working. The VPN works with other apps like safari, whenever we try to access our internal domain the VPN connects, keeps the screen unlocked while data is flowing and dissconnects when there is no data flow.

Here is the problem; FileMaker Go will not initial the VPN I spoke to the VPN provider and here is the responese

Your application isn't using the Dial-On-Demand API, FileMaker Go app isn't calling using the iOS VPN-on-Demand API's.

Raise this with Filemaker to see if an update is planned. We've been involved in a few cases where apps needed a rev to support this and its usually either already under way or done pretty quickly. The API's have been available quite a while now.

I have found some info here.


Establishing a Connection

As a rule, the recommended way to establish a TCP connection to a remote host is with streams. Streams automatically handle many of the challenges that TCP connections present. For example, streams provide the ability to connect by hostname, and in iOS, they automatically activate a device’s cellular modem or on-demand VPN when needed (unlike CFSocket or BSD sockets). Streams are also a more Cocoa-like networking interface than lower-level protocols, behaving in a way that is largely compatible with the Cocoa file stream APIs.

Does anybody have any information on this?