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Ways of incorporating thumbnail grid of images

Question asked by RyanBuckley on Nov 21, 2013
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Ways of incorporating thumbnail grid of images


     Hey everyone,

     I'm working on a filemaker solution for an art collector. This is my first database where the client specifically requested mobile capabiliies. In fact, it is very important to him. I am, however, running into some shortcomings with filemaker's capability to accommodate a more visual/graphic viewing experience.

     The client expects a mobile experience similar to other apps. He wants to view images from the database in a grid, and wants to swipe-scroll through to visually recognize images, then tab their thumbnail to see the record. I tried implementing a dynamic grid using a number of portals with a self-join and calculation to load subsequent records (i.e. but it is very clunky to say the least, and does not work well for a variety of screen sizes (would have to have a separate layout for ipad, iphone, desktop...etc)

     So my question is, does anyone know of any plug-ins or third-party software that can work with filemaker to better allow for a graphic interaction with database images? He is imagining the mobile database to function like iphoto, or bento even. (Maybe there would be a way to store image files remotely with specific metadata about the records, and these images could be viewed with another program that could link to filemaker?)

     I really don't want to have to bail on filemaker at this point, as the whole rest of the system is working so well, but this mobile component is crucial to the client's wishes.

     Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated.